When the Technician Arrives

  • Talk to the customer and let them know we are here.
  • Ask for the gate to be unlocked.
  • Get information about any pest control concerns so we can customize the service while we are there.

Exterior Inspection of Home

  • Inspecting for any potential pests or condusive conditions for pests. Coming up for a plan on how treat and take care of pests and concerns.
  • Looking for Food Water Shelter of pests.
  • Condusive conditions (i.e. pile of bricks or wood).

Interior Inspection of Home

  • Look underneath sink for gaps in piping and dust inside the plate cover.
  • Look for entry points for insects, doors windows, doggie doors, gaps or cracks in door trims that bugs can get into. Depending on which pests they are seeing fruit flies. Plants, soil.

First Attack plan

  • De-web
  • Granulate
  • Power-spray with product

Interior Treatment

  • Doors/Entry Ways
  • Piping
  • Interior perimeter, follow the baseboards

Customer Review

  • Converse with what was found, summarize what was completed in the plan of attack.
  • Lock back gate and close garage.

Security Check

Lock back gate and close garage.


We just stopped what Bugs You!


Sign a 12-month service agreement and receive 50% off your initial service. 30-days after your initial service your first regular service takes place, this process is called our “1-2 Knock Out” punch. After we knock out your pests, you are part of The WBY Maintenance plan. Make the choice to benefit from consistent service every 60 days. This is the best line of defense to Stop What Bugs You.

Don’t want to sign a service agreement? No problem, just pay the full price of the initial service and be automatically enrolled in one of our service packages of your choice. You can cancel service at anytime and enjoy our no hassle guarantee. We just might tell the bugs.

Sign a 12-month service agreement and receive 50% off initial service and receive 10% off each scheduled Bi-Monthly service. Discount applies for Active, Reserve, Retired and disabled Military Personnel. Must be able to show current Military ID card or DD-214 at time of first service. Cannot be combined with any other offer. We salute you and thank you for your service to our country. The least we could for you is Stop What Bugs You!
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We know you have many choices out there when selecting a pest control company. If you provide an equivalent price quote illustrating equivalent product and quality from another pest control company, we will match it. Because of your hard work we will take an additional $5 off each regular service for the duration of your signed Service Agreement. Cancellation fee is the discount received at time of service.

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